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( YZ - 418 ) Two Cold Two Hot Backpart Molding Machine


  • The outside edge of heel and vamp can be made with inward-fold molding and normal heel molding.
  • It is suitable for molding of toe puffs made of different materials.
  • It has models with sweeping knife and adjustable vamp function.
  • The last can be tilted for easier operation.
  • The temperature of inner and outer mould can be regulated automatically according to different materials.
  • The inner and outermoulds are made based on the last of customers, which will lead to a perfect appearance.
  • The projection lamp can provide an accurate molding position.
  • The adjustable clamp will achieve 100% jointing of vamp with last.
  • The adoption of environment-friendly freezing system features high speed and good result with freezing temperature upto-30 0C.
  • After molding, the liner, rubber sheet and vamp are closely jointed without crinkling, deformation and bubbling. PLC processing system.


Dimension(LWH) N.Weight Power Voltage Aircons Production
770 × 1100 × 1850mm 770 Kgs 2.5 Kw 220V / 50 Hz 0.6 Mpa 2000Pairs / 8 Hrs
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