• This machine is suitable for lasting the shoe withgeneral and soft mid soles and with the heels at theheight less than 180mm
    • This machine is equipped with lasting height microswitch which makes the machine easily adjusted andfinds position accurately.
    • We have full sizes of wipers and forming bands. whichfit and shapes of shoes. the forming bands are wrappedby chain and can accordingly produce a good formingeffect.
    • This machine adopts gears. gear racks and ratchets toquickly and precisely adjusted the auxiliary supporter.
    • The second time and pressing of the supporter workswith the wiper-heating device to increase the lastingeffect. It smoothen the lasting areas and upgrade thequality of the shoes.
    • Special design of rising oil way of shoe holder controlscompletely the shoe tree in the set position in the courseof upper binding.


    Dimensions(LWH) Packing Size PowerWeightPressure ProductionElectro Heat
    1200x760x1420mm1270x820x1680mm 3Hp 580Kgs 50kgs/cm21000 400W

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