( YZ-747DMA ) Hydraulic Auto Cementing Toe Lasting Machine


  • the upper to be evenly attached to the last after laasting.No protrusion will be occurred and the quality of the product is excellent and perfect.
  • The mechanism of toe part pressing pad adopts adjustable 2-stage pressurt.The design of compound cylinder helps shoes reach the best quality onthe proceedings of wipet lasting and final pressing and ensure the smoothness of shoe lasting feather edge. There are two pressing methods for thefirst pressure of toe pad presing mechanism.The consistent pressing function makes the lasting process smoothly. The position fixed funcion avoidsthe ovet lasting and pulling down oftoe uppers when using the soft leather.
  • Each set of pincers can be individually adjustes to their corresponding positions and be functioned with automatic balancing. Besides, anautomatic down pulling stroke can be selected and controlled according to the tension of the uppers
  • lf it is necessary,after the upper being firmly clamped,the operator can manually let any set of pincers down pull or re-clamp the upper to have the besttension and attachment to the last.
  • The mid pincers can be adjustd with different angles,which is more feasible for lasting special shape of shoes and can be applied to a wider scope.
  • The wiper is functioned with an inching adjustment system.By means of computer input of necessary lasting points,the setting of wipets' routes becomes easier and faster,and the digitaldisplay is clear and legible,which saves the operator much time.
  • The last support plate is functioned with an optionad 2-step uprising system,which makes the short uppet clamping easier.Moreover,with the function of clamping pressure decreasing of pincers,the incident of ovet pulling and breaking uppers can be avoided,which saves the loss caused by manual operation,material and labor cost.
  • The machine is also equipped with across projector,which makes the calibration between the toe of last and the upper more convenient and also helps a new operator acpuainted
  • The one-touch screen is protected by some passwords to prevent from any unauthorized person.
  • The hydraulic system is a design of high and low pressure cycle loop,which ensures a steady oil temperarure and makes every part a linger life andbetter steadiness.All pressure adjustment and timers are set on the outside of the machine to have the machine operated and adiusled moreconveniently.
  • The rapid installing and releasing structure for piners can finish the whole process within 30 seconds.
  • The rotary pincer system is functloned with the latest patent of no distance between the forth and fifth pincers,which can he adjuted forthe rotation ofdifferent angles and make the uppes more attached to ihe last.Moreover,by the aid of supplemental wipers,the quality of the lasting can be alwayspe rfect.
  • The design of quick double-point switch adjustment of pincer plate makes the pincer plate able to be right and left respectively adjusted fordifferentopening degree.The angle of the second pincers can be quickly adjusted to match different toe shapes,which saves time for rearranging the pincersand further ensures that the upper clamping will match the shape of last and the best lastin puality.
  • The height of the last support plate is remotely controlled-There is a numerical instruction provided for reference which makes the operation easierand more effcient.
  • The electric system is comtrolled by PLC.Additionally,with the one-touch screen and diagrammatic operation system,the machine becomes muchmore steady and operative.
    a. There are 100 groups of memories for save and deletion on the monitor.The operator can get the memory from the optional keys when changediffereni styles of shoes which foregoes the adjustment and ensures the good effect of lasting.
    b. The positions of pincers anr memorized on the monitor which can change the operaiion automatically to the 10ogroups of memories of shoestyles.lt's also epuippes s-step rapid buttons to arrange the positions on the monitor.
    c. The function of self-examination can testify the all mechanical operations or electric switches from the maintenance page.lt saves muchworkingtime.
    d. The order of all mechanicaloperations and the adjustment of operation time anr expressed in letters or figures on the screen which makes theoperation more accurate.


Dimensions(LWH)Packing Size(LWH)ProductionWeightPower
1700x1000x1950mm 1800x1160x2100mm 2000/8hr1100Kg 3Hp

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