( YZ - 586 - 2S ) Sole Pressing Machine



  • It is widely used in sports shoes. Leisure shoes or smooth large sole and in any other type shoes. It has the function of adjusting shoes' height.
  • The operation mode is according to the safe standard to avoid any damage.
  • The operation mode is put the large sole up to the presetting position and preset the Auto/Manual function.
  • Automation function: put the shoe on the right position, the cover will close automatically when the hand leaving work area. And the air will be in at the same time. The machine will work automatically according to the presetting time.
  • Manual function: put the shoe on the right position, press the work buttons after hands leave the work area. Then the machine will be on.


Dimension?LWH? Weight Power Voltage Aircons Production
1100 × 850 × 1660mm 500 Kgs 0.2 kw 220V / 50Hz 0.6 Mpa 2000 / 8 hr

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